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Priory Asset Finance

How We Can Help

Our aim is to help businesses of all size and nature find the right finance solution to suit their needs. We work closely with every client and go and meet them to understand their business and help it reach its full potential. We believe in finding the right facility for you.

Why Priory Asset Finance

Our founding principle is making asset finance simple and when working with us it is exactly that. There is no small print to catch you out or ulterior motives in our finance. Below you can see more reasons why we think we're different to our competitors.


Our company is entirely independent meaning we are not owned by anyone else. Because of this we can finance nearly every asset you need and do not have to stick to one area of finance. So if you have a funding need we can probably find the solution for you.


Because we are independent you will never hear a pre-prepared sales pitch trying to persuade you to buy products you do not need. We aim to make asset finance simple and that means a flexible solution to your needs. We appreciate every customer is different and has different needs.


Whilst working with Priory Asset Finance you are not just a name on a database, you are a client that matters to us. We will endeavour to get the right deal for you and one that will help your growth. Throughout your contract length we will be on hand to help with any of your finance needs.

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Construction and Plant Equipment
Catering and Kitchen Equipment
Farm Machinery and Equipment
IT and Data Equipment

Case Studies

A Midlands based company got in touch to discuss some options to upgrade their existing CNC Lathe machine. They wanted the latest technology possible to provide the best service possible for their customers.

After meeting them and seeing the equipment, we used their existing machine as a deposit and found a repayment term to suit their cash flow.

A London based firm has recently pledged to source all of their energy from greener sources. After agreeing on a biomass generator they rang us to find the finance option right for them.

After some fascinating research and seeing the generator ourselves, we found the right deal and now another company is cutting down on carbon emissions.

A local entrepreneur approached us to discuss the purchase of an engineering company in the South of England where the current directors were looking to retire.

Through our wide range of funders we were able to fund the existing machinery, the debtor book and generate sufficient capital working capital for our client.

At Priory Asset Finance, we cater to a number of requirements and one of our latest clients wanted to start up his own restaurant and needed funding for all his kitchen equipment , tables and chairs.

By having access to three different funders we were able to assist our client with the whole cost and be able to offer them further finance if they required it.

A Southern based haulage contractor contacted us to help them raise working capital to ease creditor pressure they were under due to a recent 'bad debt'. The company had a fleet of 11 tractor units and various trailers that operated within the U.K.

These were all on finance but we were able to release the equity within the fleet, raise funds to clear the existing finance, pay off the creditors and release some working capital.

We were approached by a water treatment business in Oxford to help fund a new water filter system and waste storage tanks. The water filter system was to be buried underground and encased in concrete and the tanks would be connected to an existing piping system. 

Some funders would not consider lending on these types of assets but we were able offer a facility within 24 hours.

What We Offer

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Be it cranes, crushers or concrete equipment we can find the right finance deal for you. We can offer you finance for a new dump truck or a cash flow injection from refinancing your entire fleet of equipment. 

We have the needed understanding to get the best finance solution for your business or enterprise.

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Haulage is a large market and can include; Trucks, Tractor Units, Trailers, Semi-Trailers, Vans and LCVs. As these assets are typically a strain on your cash flow to buy outright we offer many refinance and finance options to help ease the financial burden.

If you need to replace or purchase, please contact us.

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Over the years we have supported both large and smaller coach companies finance their growth. If you need finance on a minibus or a coach we have solutions available for you.

With newer, more executive coaches being brought into the market let us aid you by supplying the capital to grow consistently.

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Car Hire

Priory Asset Finance offer options on both car finance and refinance.

With 37 million cars on UK roads whether you are seeking a supercar or a taxi we are here to help find the best option for you with total freedom on finance across every major manufacturer and model depending on your needs.

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With 45 trillion pages printed worldwide annually print is a growing market.

As it grows we want you to be able grow with it so whether you are after printing equipment, print finishing equipment or allied trade equipment we will work to cater for your needs throughout your business.

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The world of engineering is constantly changing and at some point in the future you will want to upgrade your hardware.

Our finance plans give you options to upgrade your equipment during your plan and sell the older hardware. Finding the right engineering asset finance is possible so please contact us.

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Soft Assets

Soft Assets can be anything from kitchen equipment to computer hardware and software. From refits to brand new business ventures.

Various funding solutions are available with flexible payment terms. If you need to purchase new assets or want to upgrade existing then contact us.

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Over half of UK exports are manufacturing industry based. Whether you work in labour, tools, processing or formulation we would like to help you expand.

We have a number of finance and refinance options on machinery and tools in your market so let your business growth be our business.

Simple Professional Asset Finance

How it Works

Our aim is to help businesses of all size and nature find the right finance solution to suit their needs. We work closely with every client and go and meet them to understand their business and help it reach its full potential. We believe in finding the right facility for you.


With leasing you are not paying for ownership but use of the asset. Various deposits are available and at the end of the contract you can renew or transfer the asset to a third party. Leasing gives you the opportunity to upgrade your assets when you need to and has certain tax benefits.

Hire Purchase

Hire purchase gives you the ability to own the asset after the contract term. Flexible deposits are available and payments can be set to best suit your cash flow. As such you do not need a loan to purchase new assets, you do not need to secure your purchase against any existing assets or property.


Refinance allows you to 'sell' your existing assets to raise working capital whilst the assets remain in your business. You can either have a lump sum of working capital or use the funds for other projects. This facility is regularly used to restructure existing monthly finance commitments.

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